Thursday, 24 September 2015

Important Hiking Tips You Can Use

If you are feeling burned out or stressed, you might just need a reinvigorating hike in the mountains. Getting in touch with Mother Nature is a great way to recharge your batteries. The best way to stay safe on a hiking trip is to plan and prepare in advance. You usually don’t wake up one morning and decide you want to go hiking today. If you do, you could most certainly end up in trouble. Here are a couple of hiking tips you can use: 

Daniel Hindman


Before you pack your bags and head off into the mountains, you should know what to expect. The National Park Service, the National Wildlife Foundation, and Backpacker Magazine are great sources for finding hiking spots around the country. Pick a place and research about it. Check for marked trails and how far they go. Check the level of elevation and climatic conditions of the place before going. Being prepared is the key to enjoying a great hike in the woods or the mountains. 

Get in Shape

You will need to be in shape before going on a hike. Your body needs to be prepared for climbing, walking and moving in a specific way. Beginner hikers should start walking outdoors for a mile or two at first, and then increase this distance to around five miles while carrying a backpack. A simple way to get ready for your first hike is to leave the car home and take a backpack and go walking to the grocery store. Walking to and fro from the store with a backpack full of groceries will simulate how hiking challenges both muscle strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

Weight Training

Since you will be using your legs a lot on a hike, it is important to start a weight training routine to improve your core muscles. You will need to work with exercises that help build up strength in your joints. 

Daniel Hindman enjoys hiking with his friends in the mountainsaround Colorado Springs.